Video: Lesson P11 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX2

MSX & MSX2 including the V9990 GPU (V9K)
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Video: Lesson P11 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX2

Post by akuyou » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:09 am

The MSX2 VDP is a bitmap based system, however it's not memory mapped, which means we still have to access it with OUT commands...
It does,however, have the ability to give commands to the VDP, and the VDP will carry out those tasks for us without the Z80 doing any work! Effectively we're doing multi threading on the 8-bit!

In todays lesson, we'll look at some code that mimics the Tilemaps we've already looked at, and uses the HMMM copy command to copy 8x8 chunks of memory quickly on the VDP!
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