Getting started with TRSE

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Getting started with TRSE

Post by AndyH » Wed Aug 05, 2020 2:56 pm

Hi Keith

First off, as many others have said a big thank you for posting what you have learnt and know about programming for the CPC. This was my second home computer I owned and I've always wanted to make a game for it. Your videos, website and this forum has so much info it will keep me busy for a while.

I generally use Turbo Rascal (TRSE) to make games and my focus has been on the Vic 20 so far. Leaut who created TRSE is adding support for Z80 and partly due to my pestering, is focusing on the Amstrad initially. Colin, who supports Caprice, has litterally just added code injection via the command line so we can pass in a binary and run immediately, which makes developing on Windows/Linux/OSX a lot easier, perhaps you might find that feature useful also. Saves the need to make a dsk image just to test your code.

Anway, I've made initial steps and implemented two small units to handle the joystick and set the screen width to 256 pixels thanks to a couple of your superb videos. We'll be expanding the direct support within TRSE and the units as time goes on. Hopefully we can have reasonable support for the Amstrad in the next big release.

Other than the introduction on what I am doing, I do also have a question. Do you have any recomendations on books, websites or other resources I can look at (in addition to your excellent site) ? I have found an online version of the firmware manual that looks good, but while there's loads of information on the Amstrad in general, I'm not finding much help for the lower level / assembler programming route.

I had ADAM on tape (ouch) back in the day and only ever got as far as some very simple bitmap drawing routines. I seem to remember it's manual was OK.
Andy H

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Re: Getting started with TRSE

Post by akuyou » Sun Aug 09, 2020 6:51 am

Well, as you say, the Firmware guide is the must for CPC ASM: (unfortunately I didn't have it in the 80's)

Apart from that there's two sites I used when writing ChibiAkumas

CPCWiki has lots of great resources:

The CPC-Tech site has lots of stuff that's superb (but its seems to be down at the moment - archive link below) ... ource.html

CPCWiki+CPCTech have basically everything I think you could need, but unfortunately sometimes it's hard to find what you're looking for, there were times I knew that what I wanted was on there (as I'd seen it before) but it still seemed hard to find as the title of the article, and the actual details covered could end up being misleading.

Good luck.
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