My hello from Germany

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My hello from Germany

Post by E-P-S » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:55 pm

Hello all, my name is Thomas and english is not my best language to speak or write, so sorry for that.

I was born and grown up in East Germany 45 years ago.

Back in the days when i was 14 i had the first contact with a computer. It was in the school because for private persons it was nearly impossible to get a machine. To rare and mostly to expensive. But i learnt a lot from my teacher and as the time was come and the wall came down i got my own computer. It was a KC compact (KC = KleinComputer which means "small computer") and this machine was (more or less) a east german version of the Amstrad CPC anywhere between a 464 and 6128. Today these machines are very rare and if you could get one they are to expensive (again LOL).

Anyway, after 30 years now i recovered my interest for these old machines again. So i bought a different old east german computer which i also know from the past. These machine is called KC85. It is a Z80 based (well a U880 in east germany which is a clone), 64K machine with very unique graphic and sound capability and also very modular.

What i always wanted to do in the past (as a kid), but never was able to, was to write a game on this machine which, of course, should be better then all the other games ;-)

And now, with the help from Keith and his fantastic YouTube videos, i got the inspiration and also the knowledge to do so.

For me ... this is a childhood-dream come true. So thanks very much 2 U Keith.

Btw. the game what i'm talking abuout is not finished yet but it works right now and it is a clone of a CPC game called "JUMPER". Well, not the best game ever but with the capabilitys that the KC85 computer has i'm very proud to got this to run. On the photo you can see it run on the original machine.
jumper_on_kc.jpg (156.36 KiB) Viewed 2050 times
More from me in the other categories.

THX again to Keith and Thumbs up for your work.


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Re: My hello from Germany

Post by akuyou » Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:41 pm

Fascinating story about your first computer... I've 'heard' of the KC machines, but knew nothing about them, the photo you posted looks great, both the machine (which looks like a nice design) and the game you're working on.

I'm glad to hear you're having fun with programming! I never did any ASM programming as a kid, I did basic but that's all, and it was only recently I picked up ASM, and I've learned a lot of new things in the process

Have fun!
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Re: My hello from Germany

Post by mgarcia » Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:18 am

Never heard of the KC85 before, it looks interesting, almost modern!

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