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Please say hello... tell us what systems & CPU's you can program, and what you're interested in learning!
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Post by Klorgas » Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:02 pm

First of all, it’s cool to be here. Been wanting to learn assembly for some time now and the concept of having videos along with written info is good I think. Been watching (and reading) a few of the general Z80 tutorials and they’re great. Also tried out Chibi Akuma but my coordination and reflexes are pretty bad so I die pretty quickly, but a fun (and impressive) game nonetheless! Also, please excuse any spelling errors, I’m swedish and although I like to think of myself as somewhat decent when it comes to english, it’s not my main language.

Been messing around with arduinos and simpler coding in C# and python before but I wouldn’t call myself experienced or even particularly good when it comes to programming. Had my first experience with assembly at university in a class were we got do simple programs in C and subsequently translating them to assembly just to get a hang of how it all really worked under the hood so to speak. And let me be honest here, I found C kind of boring. Assembly on the other hand was pretty fun even though we just did a few simpler things. Before that, assembly had always seemed like it would be something near impossible to learn, a kind of programming only a chosen few of nerds would be able to master. Turns out it’s really not and actually has the potential to be pretty enjoyable.

Got an CPC 464 and a Commodore 64 at home although I lack all experience with them as a kid as a result of growing up in the 90’s. Considering nostalgia, MS DOS and Game Boy are more up my alley but I’ve taken a liking to the 8 bit machines of the 80’s in later years.

So what would I want to accomplish? Messing around with Z80 and learn how to write games for the CPC and possibly also the Game Boy would be cool. Not really sure what kind of games though, got a bunch of ideas but not any real grasp of what's really feasible so for now the plan is to just learn the basics, mess around with it a bit and see where it goes from there. Also always wanted to learn 8086 Assembly and down the line maybe even move to some of the later x86 like 80386.

Well, hope that’s not too long of an introduction.

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Re: Hello

Post by akuyou » Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:20 pm

Welcome to the forum! Fascinating to hear that you're coming to the CPC (and others) for reasons other than growing up with them!

I don't think we ever really covered assembly at Uni when I did computer science, it was discussed in one lesson, but it was so basic that it was really just mentioned in passing.

I'm planning to cover 8086 and 186 in my x86 lessons next year, who knows, maybe we'll move futher into 386+ and a bit of x64... can't say at this stage!

Wishing you good luck with your game programming... I was struggling to think of what kind of game I wanted to write... so instead I though of what I wanted to do... I wanted to use raster color switching - which only works on horizontal scrolling - and the CPC has no hardware sprites... so I decided to use lots of little dot bullets instead - and ChibiAkumas was the result!
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