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Please say hello... tell us what systems & CPU's you can program, and what you're interested in learning!
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Post by Macoy_AbZ » Sat Jan 04, 2020 4:24 pm

Hi, I'm a COBOL Programmer and while messing around with assembly language for Z/OS on a project I was working on at my office, I came across chibiakumas lovely website and it rekindled my love for these old 8-bit computers, their architecture and machine code programming.

And, while I've been working with mainframes for almost 20 years, coding for them is kinda boring and stressful: read file, write file, do something wrong and get fired. It's just unfun. Besides, nowadays I rarely do any assembly coding on them, most clients avoid it because of high maintenance costs.

My first computer was an MSX my father gave to me in 1987. I remember playing a lot of games on it. But soon I moved to the PCs and never looked back. Until now.

PS: I'm not a native speaker so sorry for my poor English skills.

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Re: Hello!

Post by akuyou » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:27 pm

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your story!

First, your english skills are excellent, I would have never guessed it was your second language, secondly I'm fascinated by your story!

I've never programmed anything like COBOL... I've really only ever been a VB and ASP programmer so to hear the experiences of someone with such a different skill set is very interesting... I certainly find hobby ASM coding more enjoyable than work programming these days!

I'm glad you've found the forum, and are having fun with the content... I only came across the MSX when I moved to Japan a few years ago - so I completely missed it in my youth!

Well, all the best, good luck with your programming adventures!

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