Hello from Raleigh, NC!

Say Hello... tell us your what you know, and what you're interested in learning!
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Please say hello... tell us what systems & CPU's you can program, and what you're interested in learning!
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Hello from Raleigh, NC!

Post by madddmike » Sun Jun 19, 2022 2:31 pm

Hello Everyone!

I've been mainly a Bash shell scripter, due to a career of sysadmin and support work, but got started programming with BASIC, FORTRAN and COBOL. I have never really had a need or want to program in assembly until now.

I am wanting to learn Z80 assembly in order to write some assembly programs for the TRS-80 and convert some programs to the TRS-80.

Besides the numerous x86 machines, I currently own a TRS-80 Model 4p, Timex 1000(ZX-81), Osborne1 and several Raspberry Pi/Pi Zero's.

I look forward to learning a lot here!



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Re: Hello from Raleigh, NC!

Post by akuyou » Tue Jun 21, 2022 7:39 am

Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your assembly programming.
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