Competition: Win one of 3 ChibiAkumas / ChibiAliens T-Shirts by showing off your ASM programming project!

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Competition: Win one of 3 ChibiAkumas / ChibiAliens T-Shirts by showing off your ASM programming project!

Post by akuyou » Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:19 pm

Prize draw:

To help promote the ChibiAkumas ASM website, and to encourage newcomers to give assembly programming a go, I'm doing a prize draw of three of my custom design T-shirts which will be given totally free... including free shipping!

If this competition goes well, and a lot of people take interest, hopefully I will be able to make it a regular thing!

Conditions to be eligible to win:

To have the chance to win one of the T-shirts all you have to do is post an entry into the 'Show And Tell' section of the ChibiAkumas forum:

This must be about an ASM project you are working on, but the winners will be selected at RANDOM - so you do not have to have the 'best' submission, this is because I want to encourage everyone to give programming a go!

Any level of skill and progress is acceptable, provided it is a legitimate project (You cannot just post 'INC HL' and claim it's a calculator!)

Absolutely anyone can join the forum free of charge, so no purchase or payment is needed to enter this competition - just an interest in ASM development!

There is no 'start date'... any post on the 'Show And Tell' forum since the creation of the forum is eligible to win.

Draw date:

The prize draw will occur on 2019/11/1 - three people will be selected, and they will be contacted via Private message on the ChibiAkumas forum.

Depending on stock levels, you may not be able to select which shirt design you would prefer, but I will do what I can to accommodate your preference, this is because I have to buy in bulk, and I have many T-shirt sizes I cannot possibly wear!

In the event that you live somewhere with a very high shipping charge (on a oil rig or something) then I reserve the right to offer a substitute prize of 25 USD paid by Paypal... this is at my discretion, you cannot request the cash alternative.

So what are you waiting for - Get Programming and Posting!
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