China is DOSing my forum.

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China is DOSing my forum.

Post by akuyou » Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:09 am

Well, we're here again... 140k hits have come from China on my little forum, as many are attempting to access the admin pages.

As I'm not aware of any legitimate Chinese users of my site, and 95% of the traffic is currently extremely suspicious (all HTML, no images, all forum hits), I've decided to block forum access to China.

It's not my desire to block anyone, but this is ridiculous and does not look like legitimate users.

for now I'm taking the standpoint of the famous Hong Kong protestor "Don't trust China - China is Asshole"!!

Hopefully whatever is trying this attack will get bored, and I can change the firewall rules to something sensible... otherwise I may have to change the site mascot to Winnie the pooh - and then china will add my site to the 'great firewall' and solve the problem for me!
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