New Non-ASM related chat threads!

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New Non-ASM related chat threads!

Post by akuyou » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:59 pm

As I'm less concerned about the forum getting overloaded, I've decided to add some more 'off topic' non asm forum threads here:

I've also removed the 60 day auto prune from those threads...
Please feel free to chat about whatever you want in these non-ASM related threads... have fun!


I'm still having issues with sudden huge numbers of hits from countries that do not visit my youtube (this time Singapore)... Im trying to combat this with firewall rules, but if this is not enough, I plan to upgrade the hosting I'm using for the forum - so please bear with me if you get time outs - they typically don't seem to happen when I'm using the forum for some reason!

Oh, finally I've set up a new 'Landing Page' where you can see all the CPU's and computers currently covered, take a look, and bookmark it if it helps:
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