Winape Broke And I Can't Fix It

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Winape Broke And I Can't Fix It

Post by puppydrum64 » Thu Nov 11, 2021 4:02 pm

When assembling my program using VASM and the CPC batch script, I got an error message I had never seen before. It said "Memory full in 20." I kept getting this even with a nearly blank program (just "org &8000 ret"). So I thought maybe if I delete the old .dsk file it would start working again. Unfortunately that made everything worse. Now, CPCDiskXP tells me "Error adding file \BldCPC\Program.bin to Dsk" and WinAPE starts without loading my disk.

So then I looked at the batch file CPC_GoDSK.bat and thought "Maybe the problem was the "-AddToExistingDsk" option, I tried removing that, and I got no error message this time but WinAPE still wouldn't load my program. I just want my disk image to work again...

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Re: Winape Broke And I Can't Fix It

Post by akuyou » Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:35 pm


1. Which version of the devtools are you using, the original ones, or the new 2021.
2. You said 'Winape Broke'... Does this mean it used to work and now it doesn't? If it's recently broken, did you change anything (eg update the devtools or sources)
3. Can you try compiling "Z:\Sources_2021Tutorials\Minimal.asm" with the option "VASM CPC"

If it used to work and now it doesn't, the easiest thing would be to download a new copy of the devtools, copy any sources you want to keep to the new one, and test with that 'clean install' - Hopefully that will fix any problems... I can't say I've had the issue you're describing.

It may also be worth looking at Z:\BldCPC\Program.bin... a program with just a RET should be about 129 bytes... if for example your program.bin is 65k, then it's clearly not actually being built correctly by the script (maybe the file is locked/readonly etc), and that program is too big for a CPC to load.
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