A small invader "game" to Atari ST.

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A small invader "game" to Atari ST.

Post by madaxe » Mon May 16, 2022 5:12 pm

Hi there;

I used to code in C using Pure C so I decided to learn 68K assembly.
I made this prototype of a space invader game in 68K asm. It works in following way:

- A small invader appears randomly on the screen.
- The invader moves to the left and to the right.
- You can move your ship to the left and to the right using the joystick. Press the fire button to shoot the lasers.
- If you hit the invader, an explosion is printed on the screen and an explosion sound can be heard.
- After the invader is hitted a new invader is created.
- You can press Escape or move your joystick up to exit.

I used DevPac 3 from Hisoft to compile the code and sorry if all the comments are in portuguese.
Hope you find this useful :)

Best Regards;
José Mário a.k.a. MadAxe
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