nec pc88 and nec pc6001

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nec pc88 and nec pc6001

Post by nitrofurano » Sun Sep 04, 2022 11:09 pm

i'm curious about asm tutorial for these z80 machines:
- nec pc88
-sharp x1
- nec pc6001
- casio pv1000
- bandai rx78
- sharp mz700
- mattel aquarius

i don't know if sord-m5 and casio pv2000 are relevant for their similarities to msx1

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Re: nec pc88 and nec pc6001

Post by akuyou » Tue Sep 06, 2022 7:51 am

I don't know if this request is aimed at me, or just a call out into the ether,

but if it's aimed at me, then in the past when I covered a new system it took a minimum of two months work in research.

I'm no longer looking for more systems to cover, as I'm already over my limit work and stress wise, covering more and more systems for no personal benefit is not fun for me any more.

For that reason it's only something I will consider from my $10+ patreons.

If you back me for $10, you could pick one of these systems, which I would research and make a best effort attempt to cover (provided emulators and sufficient documentation actually exists for me to do so).
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