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Post by Prototron » Wed Mar 06, 2024 11:53 am

Hi all!

So I've just come fresh from converting Final Fight to the Amiga ECS, and now I want to have a go at something in Z80. I chose the ZX Spectrum because I find that 1-Bit pixel art quite easy to do, plus it seems a bit faster when running code.

I've been at it a week now using the DevTools download, and managed to map the screen which has allowed me to get a tile mapped background that can be scrolled through at a minimum of 1-Byte or 1-8x8 Tile (it's just an old image of a sewer that I drew last year). It's running off two pre-calculated address tables - one for the screen positions and one for the tiles on the tile sheet, so it's pretty fast.

I also have a couple of test sprites which were a modified version of the Speccy simple sprite lesson code (I've since managed to mask and flip them too).

I'm currently trying to convert my 68000 object drawing routine to run on the Speccy, but I'm still very new to Z80 and its limitations so I'll likely have quite a few questions about this and that.



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