ChibiAkumas Live! (Livestreams)

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ChibiAkumas Live! (Livestreams)

Post by akuyou » Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:58 am

ChibiAkumas now has a second Youtube Channel... ChibiAkumas Live! ... mxiej3nzpw

This channel will be more casual content, gaming streams, 'Live Programming' and whatever else I can think up... but I'm still going to strive to provide as much information and educational content on computer hardware, programming, and anything else I can!

I'm also going to do my best to focus on the chat, and respond to peoples questions... so hopefully it will be a nice more interactive way to do things than just doing the Tutorials

I'll keep this page updated with upcoming livestreams


Upcoming Livestreams:...

It's not poor planning, It's 'Surprise Mechanics'!! (Tomorrow 5am Japan Time GREEN)
I'll be doing a 5am stream - probably Z80 speccy programming!
Morning Surprise Stream! ZZZZ Z80

5AM Stream: ZZZZ Z80 Assembly programming (Friday 5am Japan Time GREEN)
Morning Live Z80 programming Stream - join in for some programming and Chat!

Retro Game-Play and Chat: More FamiFun! (Next Saturday 6pm Japan Time RED)
Let's play some more of my famicom games... Join me for some Tech chat about retro games and programming, while we play some games!

November 2nd at 6PM Japan Time (10 AM UK - RED on Chart below)
Halloween Special!... I'll be playing the 7th guest DOS (Via SCUMM) - this is one of my all time fave games!
I'll be talking about the game engine, the significance of it, my memories of the game, some background trivia, and I'll even be showing off some of my fanart of the game!... we'll also look at something 'Secret' I have which you may find interesting!
Please see the channel for details: ... mxiej3nzpw
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