Say Hello... tell us your what you know, and what you're interested in learning!
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Please say hello... tell us what systems & CPU's you can program, and what you're interested in learning!
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Post by littlerobot » Tue Sep 20, 2022 2:47 am

Hello, everyone!
I'm a young person that got interested in Assembly. Tried a lot of tutorials, but the best one is (of course) ChibiAkumas!
So, I have read the 6502 tutorial and I'm using the C64 to experiment with the processor. It's my main machine interest.
Currently, I possess knowledge to write programs in the Lua language.
I plan on learning x86 and ARM in the future.
My intent is to show progress while I learn how the machine works, and discuss with people about this low-level realm. :Cheers:


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