Very soon the CPC will be rocked by the release of a new game!
The most anticipated sequel of it's time.
it's release will defy all expectations,
and it graphics and gameplay will redefine 8 bit gaming forever!
The awesome technical prowess of it's programming and the
unbelievable skill of it's artistic design will cement it's
creators in the history of computing for all time!
That game is...
Street fighter 2!
But it's not out yet, so while you wait, why not play...

Chibi Akumas Episode 2
Coming Soon!

*** Whether you want it to OR NOT! ***

Exaggeration defying new features!

Simultaneous 2 Player Akuma-Action with Chibiko and a new 'to be revealed' character!

(64k users have to make do with dual Chibiko - because your 64k systems suck! :-P *)

New Fire Mode!

Secret new mode on level 5! sssh!

Different dialog and jokes depending on characters played

5 New levels - each with a totally unique style and a big boss battle!

Last boss battle is enhanced for 256k systems! (but still plays the same on 64 and 128k!)
New music - different for each level!

'Onscreen Insults' - comic dialog during play and before each boss battle

New and improved Cartoon sequences.

Unlockable achievements on each level which reveal character screens and bio's

All new enemies with bigger sprites and better animation! even on 64k systems!

Enhanced Enemy Movement and fire patterns.

Super sized enemy projectiles.

Crazy new boss characters!

ABSURD levels of Sarcasm!

RIDICULOUS amounts of Violence!

UNBELIEVABLY Immature jokes!

HORRIFICLY poor-taste "Humor"!

Over the top claims of features,that you'll find out are nowhere near as impressive as the pre-release marketing made them sound* - with far to many exclamation marks!!!!!
(* I learned my marketing strategy from 'no mans skie!')
With all with crazy firepower saturated gameplay you've come to expect - and hate!

Watch this Space for more info!
( or dont! - It makes no difference to me - I'm not getting paid to do this you know! )
* 64k users get extra abuse in Ep2, sorry guys, but it's taken a ton of extra work to support your systems and you must be made to suffer for your tiny hardware(ooh er!) and many of the snazzy features I am adding just can't work when there's only 32k ram left after screenbuffers! so please try and buy a memory upgrade!

Chibi Akuma(s) Multicolor Titlescreen
Place holder screenshot!

Chibi Akuma(s) Level 3 - River
I'm not showing screenshots yet

Chibi Akuma(s) Level 4 Boss - Necromancer
So you'll have to wait!

  Chibi Akuma(s) uses the ArkosPlayer Music Tracker
Chibi Akuma(s) would not have been possible without the following community websites:,,,
The following software was used during Development:WinApe, ConvImgCpc,Krita,Blender

Warning!: This game is comedy fiction which contains graphic violence, bad language and religious themes which will be offensive to some people. the games rating is R-15, if you do not shows like "South Park" you will not enjoy this game
This game is not suitable for children - if you think a psychotic monster is a good role model for your kids I think you need to re-assess your parenting methods!
I do not condone or encourage any of actions portrayed in this game ! This is FICTION. if you cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable in a game and real life you should not be playing this - Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL!... I despair that I have to point this crap out, but it seems I do

Some of the images on this website have had their colour enhanced for artistic effect and to represent the intended appearance of the character, I do not want to mislead people as to the standard of my game, so these images are marked with a red cross