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New Merchandise!
Tired of mediocre gifts that don't meet expectations?
This Christmas buy a gift that's guaranteed to be filled with SUCK!

To celebrate the completion of the soon to be released "Suck Hunt 3D" game, I'm proud (but also slightly ashamed) to present to you the "Suck Hunt 3D B-movie poster" Tshirt and Mug!

Intended to look like a 1950's B movie horror poster, the "Suck Hunt 3D" official T-shirt is filled with hyperbole and over exaggeration! It's certain to fulfill all your "stupidly tired movie cliche" needs and includes a stereoscopic 3D effect, which is sure to please anyone who happens to walk around town wearing Red-Cyan 3D glasses! (Surely I'm not the only one?)

Buy now and ensure disappointment, as stocks are limited, and this beauty could sell out literally any decade now!

"Suck Hunt 3D" is a stereoscopic rail shooter, which will be released early 2021 for Amstrad CPC, Spectrum NEXT and Sam Coupe - with Ports to MSX2, SMS and more planned!

Recent News:
Spectrum NEXT - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

Photon11 - MSX2 - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

PDP-11/UKNC Assembly Lesson P1 - Reading And Writing to/from the console (Hello World!)

GameGear & SMS - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

MSX1 & SMS - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting - Z80 ASM Lesson Photon9

Hello World on the GameBoy Advance

2x and 4x sprite scaling with Lookup Tables on the Amstrad CPC

ZX Spectrum - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

Lesson Photon7 - SAM Coupe - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

Hardware Sprites on the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS!

Lesson Photon6 - Amstrad CPC - ASM PSET and POINT for Pixel Plotting

Z80 Tron Clone - Player and CPU movement - Multiplatform code Part 4/4

Gaming + more:

Emily The Strange (DS) - Live full playthrough

$150 calculator: Unboxing the Ti-84 Plus CE (eZ80 cpu)

New Assembly Tutorials Site URLs!
AssemblyTutorial.com and LearnAsm.net

Survivors of the 8 bit wars unite! It's time to make peace and find common ground in the name of self improvement... learn more about the classic consoles and computers you owned, and the ones you wished you owned with my Assembly programming tutorials!

Invasion Incoming!... a new CHIBI adventure...
With the Chibi Aliens!

Chibi Aliens is a scifi 'spin-off' to the ChibiAkumas series... Join a crew of 7 new and weird Chibi Aliens species, as the wreak havoc around the universe...

The ChibiAliens teaser site is Here
(The ChibiAliens site has secret info... try clicking on things!)

Learning Assembly? Join the ChibiAkumas ASM Forum!

Learning or want to learn Assembly? ChibiAkumas.com now has a forum, ask questions, make suggestions, show off you work... Here

ChibiAkumas V1.666 is available NOW for all systems (CPC,MSX,Ep128)

Download it FREE now for CPC, CPC+, Elan Enterprise 128, MSX2 and Turbo-R +V9990!

About ChibiAkumas...

Chibiko is not having a good afterlife! Being killed by divine intervention, and banished from the underworld is all par for the course, but now a hoard of noisy, ugly, cliché, and badly drawn monsters are invading her land, and causing a ruckus in her castle!

Chibiko is not the kind of vampire who takes this kind of thing lying down! Its time to "Rise from your grave", and use unholy magic to annihilate the monsters, and wipe out this invasion at its source!

ChibiAkumas is the ultimate in 8-bit bullet hell action! bringing the lastest arcade style action to the 80's Z80 computers, and bringing new life to long dead computer systems!

Whether you're a fan of the Amstrad CPC, the MSX2, or the Elan Enterprise 128k, the ChibiAkumas series will bring new,exciting and unexpected games to your platform... with plans to extend to more Z80 systems in the future!

As well as games, I'm running a Z80 Programming Tutorial series, in which you can learn all the tricks and skills I learned during development, and as the games are opensource, you can build your own games based on them!
Download Chibi Akuma(s) now!

-Tragical Chase Title Screen
Tragical Chase Title Screen

Chibi Akuma(s) Level 1 - Mountains on MSX2
Chibi Akuma(s) Level 1 - Mountains on MSX2

Chibi Akuma(s) Level 4 - Vertical Cave on Amstrad CPC+
Chibi Akuma(s) Level 4 - Vertical Cave on Amstrad CPC+

Chibi Akumas V1.666 has taken over 350 hours of development, if you want to support my work, and learn all the secrets of the game's development, please back me on patreon!

Thanks to Homebrew Legends for help promoting my game!
  Chibi Akuma(s) uses the ArkosPlayer Music Tracker
Chibi Akuma(s) would not have been possible without the following community websites: cpcwiki.eu, cantrell.org.uk,cpctech.cpc-live.com, tutorials.eeems.ca, MSX.org, grauw.nl, spectrumcomputing
The following software was used during Development:WinApe, Arnold, OpenMSX, Fuse, ConvImgCpc,Krita,Blender Openshot, Scribus

Warning!: This game is comedy fiction which contains graphic violence, bad language and religious themes which will be offensive to some people. the games rating is R-15, if you do not shows like "South Park" you will not enjoy this game
This game is not suitable for children - if you think a psychotic monster is a good role model for your kids I think you need to re-assess your parenting methods!
I do not condone or encourage any of actions portrayed in this game ! This is FICTION. if you cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable in a game and real life you should not be playing this - Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL!... I despair that I have to point this crap out, but it seems I do

Some of the images on this website have had their colour enhanced for artistic effect and to represent the intended appearance of the character, I do not want to mislead people as to the standard of my game, so these images are marked with a red cross
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