Meet the Akumas!
The Good, The Bad, and the F-ing Stupid!

Chibiko: (Psychotic Chibi Vampire)
It's fair to say that having a resident deranged Vampire living in the town of Nicoyama has not done the tourist trade any favours, and the townspeople are 'starting' to get tired of being killed and eaten!
Now they've had enough, and they've decided to try to get rid of her once and for all!

Bochan: (Idiotic Braindead Ghoul)
Chibiko's Ghoul younger brother - When he was alive he was dead stupid - now he's just Dead AND Stupid
A somehow impressive combination of Sloth and Glutteny... When he's not eating you can be sure he's messing around... he can often be found lurking around the graveyard digging up some dinner - or feasting on the left over 'remains' of Chibiko's Victims!
Chibiko often takes advantage of him... he's too stupid to think anything through, so he's always willing to help in whatever crazy scheme she has planned!

More To Come!

Chibi Akumas: Episode 2 Loading Screen
Development build Title screen - NOT the final one... which is at least 1000x times more awesome!

Chibi Akumas: Ep2 Title Screen
Titlescreen with Chibiko and Bochan!

Chibi Akumas Ep2 - Confrontation - Chibiko & Bochan... Attack!
Level 1 - Medieval... Chibiko & Bochan - Attack!

I wrote Chibi Akumas in my spare time, if you like it, and you want me to keep making these games, please spread the word and tell others about my games!
  Chibi Akuma(s) uses the ArkosPlayer Music Tracker
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The following software was used during Development:WinApe, ConvImgCpc,Krita,Blender, Arnold

Warning!: This game is comedy fiction which contains graphic violence, bad language and religious themes which will be offensive to some people. the games rating is R-15, if you do not shows like "South Park" you will not enjoy this game
This game is not suitable for children - if you think a psychotic monster is a good role model for your kids I think you need to re-assess your parenting methods!
I do not condone or encourage any of actions portrayed in this game ! This is FICTION. if you cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable in a game and real life you should not be playing this - Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL!... I despair that I have to point this crap out, but it seems I do

Some of the images on this website have had their colour enhanced for artistic effect and to represent the intended appearance of the character, I do not want to mislead people as to the standard of my game, so these images are marked with a red cross
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