Meet the Akumas!
The Good, The Bad, and the F-ing Stupid!

Chibiko Akuma
Psycho Power9
Magic Power666
It's fair to say that having a resident deranged Vampire living in the town of Nicoyama has not done the tourist trade any favours...
And the townspeople are 'starting' to get tired of being killed and eaten by a psychotic Chibi Vampire!
Now they've had enough, and they've decided to try to get rid of her once and for all!
Bochan Akuma
Brain Power0
Chibiko's Ghoul younger brother - When he was alive he was dead stupid - now he's just Dead AND Stupid
Bochan can often be found lurking around the graveyard digging up some dinner - or feasting on the left over 'remains' of Chibiko's Victims!
Chibiko often takes advantage of him... he's too stupid to think anything through, so he's always willing to help in whatever crazy scheme she has planned!
Yumi Yuusha
"Supreme warrior an military strategist" - or at least that's what his bookface profile says!
Though it's true to say he's had great success vanquishing evil in the past, his reputation dropped somewhat once it was realized no one at all had survived at all due to his extreme tactics.
In fact it's now widely suspected that his military style breaches both the Geneva convention and kosher butchering laws.
Yume Yuusha
Magic Power9
Pakurimon toys999+
Self proclaimed Spiritualist, Monster hunter and Alchemist! If there's a paycheck in it - She'll believe anything you say!
With her expertise in matters of the Occult,
She claims she can solve all the mysteries of the universe - all major credit cards accepted!
Has a dangerous obsession with Pakurimon cartoons.
'Magical Girl' Card Hoarder Sakuya Chan
Magical Ability0
A long standing Nikoyama's resident, Sakuya has spent too long watching cartoons, and aims to become a "Magical Girl" and save the town!
OK, so it's fair to say she has no powers, skills or talents...
And it's not quite clear how cosplaying, trading 'trajic the hoarding' cards and singing karaoke can save the town, But hey! she's young, enthusiastic, and wears a miniskirt, and she knows that's all you need to be an anime heroine!... Right???
Best Baddies!
Highlights of the weirder bad guys(and gals) you'll encounter in the world of Chibi Akumas!
Bobble Dragon
Is it just me, or does this weird shaped dragon looks vaguely familiar!
Flying Capybara
Pigs may not fly, but in Chibi Akumas, Capybara can do anything!
Firebomb Bird
A brutally low-tech weapon... take one homing bird, add napalm, and voila! one instant seeking missile!
Dog a Pult
You think a Catapult should shoot cats? nooo. that would be stoopid! This trebuchet fires rabid dogs at it's enemies - namely you!
Quad Snake
A Four headed snake that spins around like a wheel
Flying Shark
An attacking shark with attached flapping wings... surely this idea is worthy of a b-movie or two?
An airship full of archers ready to rain trouble on it's enemies!
Nuts Monkeys
Two cheeky monkeys sitting in a tree... flinging their nuts at you and me! (well I guess it could be worse!)
Soldier Turret
A soldier on a fixed turret, firing with a fully automatic crossbow - yes apparently that is a thing!

Smiley Sun
The sun is far to cheerful for a gothic themed game!... and Vampires turn to dust in the sun.. wait... this game makes no sense at all!
Pakurimon Zombichu
Zombichu may have been killed in the last game, but you can never keep a good merchandising opportunity down!
This cheery fungus has grown legs... and it blasts its spores out in the air, to infect all in the area.
Angry Worm
if you think the birds have reason to be pi$$ed... imagine how the worms must feel!
Bird Brain
This bird's clearly has higher intelligence than it's peers, as it has evolved a huge head!
Black Hole
This black hole rips open reality... and all kinds of impossible things come out - we can only hope they are more sensible than the rest of the game!
Coding Bug
One always slips through!... Made out of Binary and Hexadecimal... This coding bug will blast out raw code, the dreaded 'decrease lives' command!
This crocodile rides around in a giant pot'o'gold, chucking its coins at passers by!
Is it a Bird, is it a Plain... no it's Ebichuman!... and (s)he's here to save us all!... just don't ask how! (dechu)
This witch seems to have taken to throwing her black cat as a weapon... and she has an infinite supply!
Moody Cloud
This Cloud is having a bad day.. and it aint taking no sh1t!... it's chucking ice cubes and lightning bolts at everyone it comes across!
Munkey Bong
This cheeky monkey hasn't done anything new for decades, He's been high on his old supply he made in the 80's... and now eeks out a living throwing lawsuits at youtubers!
This fairy little Sprite has become distinctly pixelated!
This fish may not have developed legs, but it has learned to walk on land!

Tou-Pro Tousatsu supreme
The Tou-Pro is the latest in deviant photographic technology - a flying drone with 360 degree 3d cameras it can take any photo you want whether the subject wants you to or not!
Talking Toaster
The talking AI toaster has rather a serous flaw, it throws a complete fit if you don't eat 300 rounds of toast a day!
Laser Canon
A battery powered defensive Beam laser - it shoots any threats out the air - including you!
Cube Bot Printer
This 3d printer produces flying cubes - unfortunately it's gone a bit nuts, and churns them out like crazy.
Aliens had been collecting cows as domestic pets for decades... Until their culture devolved to the point they developed fast food! Now they want rid of the bovine menace before it destroys their society!
Germinator G-1000
The liquid metal G-1000 has been sent from a deforested future, to save our present(?)... it know no mercy, it know no fear, and it will not stop until you are pollinated!
Recyclo Bot
The recyclo Bot collects all kinds of scraps of reusable garbage, unfortunately, it has a hole in its bag, and spews junk as fast as it collects it!
Hover Biker
This Cyber-Punk biker flies an antigravity motorbike! well it beats a skateboard!
AES 256
Automated Execution System 256: After this droid's brutal methods were deemed it too violent for the battlefield it was moved to a place its uncompromising nature were still acceptable... it now enforces tolerance on university campuses.
Meat Bag
Producing artificial meat for consumption seemed a good idea... unfortunately, it seems to have evolved, and has become more intelligent than the animals it was supposed to be saving.
Holowhip Bot
Armed with two fairly sturdy Holo-Whips, this bot is used to enforce law and order - and doesn't take to kindly to vampires!
Attack Satellite
Having Eyes in the sky are bad enough, but thee's eyes aren't just watching... they're also here to kick serious ass!
Preemptive Defence Satellite
This 'Defense Satellite' is always ready and waiting to rain down the fires of thermonuclear death on anyone who looks like causing trouble... in the name of 'Preemptive' self defense!

Burst Drone
A weird Mechanical drone that fires bursts of bullets in all directions
Hover Gun Turrent
The Yuusha's home sure is full of strange stuff - this hovering gun turret seems to be entirely made of clockwork parts!
Mecha Mutt
The ideal house pet? it doesn't need toilet training or walkies... oh but it furiously spits bullets out of its mouth!
Spinning Blade
A spinning blade which attacks and explodes as it goes.
A spear attached to a spiky chain - you want to get past this before it blocks your path!
Wall Monster
The mouths spit at you, and won't stop until you destroy the eyes - and until you do, you can't proceed!
Crystal Attacker
A crystal that moves on its own, as if possessed by some spirit!
A mechanical scorpion with a ruby in it's tail!
Beam Generator
A set of strange magical crystals, it produces a beam without power between its poles
Tesla Coil
The Tesla coil emits a huge and endless bursts of lightning with shocking speed!
Reverse Walker
This weird machine walks along the roof slowly, once it gets to the middle of the screen, you'll be in trouble! it relentlessly blasts out in all directions, and won't stop until its dealt with!
Bullet Ball
Like the spear, the bullet ball will block your path, but it also blasts out at you at the same time.
Stake Launcher
This AVD (anti-vampire-device) furiously spits out wooden stakes in all directions... And after you were invited here!... how rude!
Clock Roach
Eww! even if it's made of mechanical parts and brass... this flying monster is still gross!

Eggplant Bomber
The Eggplant Bomber was left out of Episode one - now it's finally here, it's going to try to make it's mark!
A boat powered by pure impossibility - just hope you don't turn into a penguin!
Toge Toge Tentacle
This spiky tentacle couldn't find a place in the first game, but it makes an appearance in the last level of Episode 2!
Nikohime Resurrection
remember the girl who 'lost her head' in the intro of the first game? well she's back, and she's not smiling now!
Crystal Structure
A weird transparent crystal, that emits bursts of power.
Flinging Monkey
This monkey has evolved up from chucking it's own filth, instead it chucks shitty games! hey.. wait a minute... who's game is that!?!
Icky Musume
Icky musume may look cute, but she has a filthy inky-mouth, and is long overdue a smack in the gesso-gob!
Cyber PunkiChu
A Cyberpunk Zombichu, wielding dual guns!
Mecha Capybara Walker
Some mad scientist has spliced a cute capybara onto a robot walker... bad science.. bad!
Hover BikerFish
A fish sure has no use for a bicycle, not when it has a hoverbike!
Mega WhatTheFxxk laser
Firing with the awesome power of one Mega 'WTF' - this laser will knock you for six if it hits you!
Pearl Chain
A really elegant string of pearls, unfortunately highly unstable... I really hope that's VX and not some kind of adult toy!

Chibi Akumas: Episode 2 Dark Tech (Noir)
Level 3 - Dark Tech (Noir)

Chibi Akumas: Ep2 Title Screen
Titlescreen with Chibiko and Bochan!

Chibi Akumas Ep2 - Confrontation - Chibiko & Bochan... Attack!
Level 1 - MediEvil!... Chibiko & Bochan - Attack!

I wrote Chibi Akumas in my spare time, if you like it, and you want me to keep making these games, please spread the word and tell others about my games!

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Warning!: This game is comedy fiction which contains graphic violence, bad language and religious themes which will be offensive to some people. the games rating is R-15, if you do not shows like "South Park" you will not enjoy this game
This game is not suitable for children - if you think a psychotic monster is a good role model for your kids I think you need to re-assess your parenting methods!
I do not condone or encourage any of actions portrayed in this game ! This is FICTION. if you cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable in a game and real life you should not be playing this - Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL!... I despair that I have to point this crap out, but it seems I do

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