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Video: Lesson P10 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX1

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:05 am
by akuyou

We tried to use the MSX1 VDP as a bitmap display before, that will work fine for text adventures, but it's a bit slow for faster stuff!
The MSX1 VDP is really a Tilemap based system, and will work far 'better' if we work with it in the same way as the Gameboy and Mastersystem...

Also like the Mastersystem, the VDP is controlled with OUT commands... we select a memory address with the Control port (&98), and send our data to the Data port (&98)

Re: Video: Lesson P10 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX1

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 1:02 am
by Rosemary

I looked at you sprites and tile map tool :D It would save a lot of time if I know exactly how to use it for my
So I have a simple question which is for a custom game completely written in assembly, stored in an 32K MSX ROM cartridge, for an MSX-1.
-I want to load a high resolution screen 2-picture on somewhere in the game's assembly code. As we know there are 768
tiles on screen 2, where each tile is made of 8 bytes and each of these 8 bytes have two colours each, on an MSX1 machine.
Can you give the complete self contained subroutine in assembly for loading a custom screen, made with your tool, in screen 2
of an MSX1 machine? I can't find such a code. I would image it would involve serially writing out 768 tiles and a set of colours
for each tile, and it will also involve copying the tile information stored ROM to the correct address. I do not exactly understand how the .RAW file, exported from your sprite/tile tool,is included in the assembly code and thus the final ROM.

Re: Video: Lesson P10 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX1

Posted: Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:24 am
by akuyou
Lesson 10 used AkuSprite Editor to create a tile image onscreen, but it only used the 256 tile limited mode, not the one spit into 3

I will make an example for you of loading an image that uses 3x256 tilemaps - however please note AkuSprite Editor cannot currently do the MSX1 color attributes so the image would be black and white.... it's something I can look to add in the future, but you're the first person express interest in it, so it's not been done yet.

I'll knock up a simple example of the MSX1 B/W screen this weekend, and I'll look adding MSX1 color attributes when I can (it's tricky because most other system uses 8x8 attributes , not 8x1)

Re: Video: Lesson P10 - Tilemap graphics on the MSX1

Posted: Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:17 am
by akuyou
I've made a new tutorial covering the use of 768 tile MSX1 mode to show a full screen color image on the MSX1

I've also upgraded akusprite editor so it outputs a second file with the color information in addition to the Black and White bitmap

If you use Akusprite editor, make sure you select the MSX1 palette from the Tools->Palettes menu... as the color number order needs to be correct for the export to work