WinAPE needs EN-US keyboard setting

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WinAPE needs EN-US keyboard setting

Post by CptSparky360 » Sun Jun 13, 2021 1:11 pm

Hello Chibi,
i've stumbled upon your tutorials and think they're amazing!
But I had a hard time getting WinAPE to map to the right keys. It turned out you have to have an US keyboard setting activated, no matter where in the world you are.
E.g. I couldn't map the German and British "#" key to the CPCs "]" key because it's the "\" key on US keyboards and WinAPE just don't recognize it unless you're using the en-US locale.

I think it could help some non-american people in the future if you'd add that little hint ;)

Another hint for Linux users: it works fine with WINE, but you also have to assign the en-US locale. E.g. with running WinAPE through console with "LANG=en_US wine WinAPE.exe" and an installed US keyboard setting of course.

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Re: WinAPE needs EN-US keyboard setting

Post by akuyou » Mon Jun 14, 2021 8:30 am

Good point - thanks for the suggestion... I'm an UK er living in JAPAN with a US keyboard, so I've kind of given up about keys being in the wrong places.

I believe you can fix small issues by remapping keys in Winape - Setup... I think I had to do this to get access to the | bar symbol (Not sure, it was a while ago, and I've programmed so many systems)... Ill add a readme to the sources.7z with your suggestion of setting the keyboard to US.

I'm going to be 'remaking' the Z80 series soon, in the same way as the current 6502/68000 series, meaning the new series will not rely on Winape, and will instead use Notepad/Vasm and whatever emulator you choose for learning Z80.

That said, I still find WinApe the best Assembler, Debugger, Emulator combo... it's just a shame it's not seen an update for quite a while.
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