Book Update! I've released a few new versions of my existing books

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Book Update! I've released a few new versions of my existing books

Post by akuyou » Sun Nov 13, 2022 9:07 am

Firstly the second edition of 'Volume 1' is out now - this is basically the same as the 'Buyers Remorse' edition I've been distributing since around April, it contains the same updated Chapter 1 of 'Volume 2', and various tweaks to the content of the other chapters.

No need to buy it if you have the original print of Volume 1, see my 'Buyers Remorse' offer to get the updated PDF:

Secondly I now have some 'new formats' for both volumes of my book.
The first is a Paperback A4 'Large Print Edition' - I've had a few people comment that the smallish A5 book is hard on their eyes, so I've had a 'scaled up' A4 version released so you can get something that suits your optical needs!

The second is a 'Hardback' version (around B5 size), I guess this is for the collectors! - Hardback is in 'Beta' on Amazon, so may not be available in all stores, Again, the content is identical to the regular A5 version.

The best link for all the versions is this one:

The Large print versions can be a little hard to find - they are shown as 'related content' in the link above, but often get 'buerried' by kindle recommendations... so the
direct links are here:
Vol 1 A4:
Vol 2 A4:

NOTE 1: if you recieved the 'Buyers Remorse PDF' a long time ago the download details are still the same, so feel free to download the updated version

NOTE 2: There is no Kindle or Hardback version of the A4 'Large print edition' - Amazon has detected the books are the same, and is linking the regular version's
Kindle and Hardback on the A4 Paperback page (I didn't ask them to - they did this themselves).

I'll be doing some 'promo videos' comparing the versions as soon as I can get my author copies delivered (as I published through the non-Japan kindle store, I have to get them delivered from the US)
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