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About the book...

"Learn Multiplatform Assembly Programming... With Chibiakumas" is my series of books... Each book covers a whopping 5 CPU's it's aimed at the absolute beginner.

Volume 1 covers the Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086 and early ARM CPUs

Volume 2 covers ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs

There's an introduction covering the terminology you'll come across, an introduction to each processor, it's registers and addressing modes, and a summary of all the major commands, written in a style intended to be 'down to earth' and more suited to regular readers!

Each book contains around 300 pages is available now from Amazon either in print as a paperback or digitally on Kindle.

Now in Hardback and Large A4 size!
Check them out here: https://amzn.to/3hgETuM
My 1st book covers ASM programming on Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086 and ARM
My 2nd book book covers ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs

The Large print versions can be a little hard to find... the links are here:
Vol 1 A4: https://amzn.to/3T8WzFG
Vol 2 A4: https://amzn.to/3WC9jaM

It should be available on your 'local' amazon too - If you live somewhere else Just search for chibiakumas !

Source Code

All the tutorials in both books can be downloaded here in a single file:

Download the SourceCode for the book examples. (Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086, Arm / Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11, Risc-V)

Cheat Sheets

I have a collection cheatsheets of all the instructions for each cpu!

Cheetsheet Collection

Dev Tools

You can download my pre-configured Notepad++ with build scripts:

Volume 1: Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086, ARM

Volume 2: Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11, Risc-V

More Tutorials!

I have a series of tutorials covering the command set of each processor.

Volume 1: Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086, ARM

Volume 2: Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11, Risc-V


I've previously made tutorial videos similar to those in the book:

Volume 1 

Z80: Hello World, Bitmap, Joystick

6502: Hello World, Bitmap, Joystick

68000: Hello World, Bitmap, Joystick

8086: Hello World, Bitmap, Joystick

ARM: Hello World, Bitmap/Joystick
Volume 2 ARM Thumb: Hello World, Bitmap/Joystick

65816: Hello World, Bitmap/Joystick

6809: Hello World, Bitmap, Joystick

PDP-11: Hello World, Showing Data/Reading Data

Risc-V: Hello World, Showing Data/Reading Data

Printed Book Buyers Remorse: Get the PDF Free if you bought in print! (Both Volume 1 and 2)

I want to encourage people to buy the printed copy, but of course there are many benefits to digital PDFs.

Therefore I'm pleased to offer all purchasers of the printed book a free digital copy.

Just send a picture of your copy of the book (As proof of purchase) via email to the address below (it an image because I don't want spam)... I'll reply with a link to the PDF version of the book - it's a special improved version with a few additions and corrections!

You don't need to be in the picture, it can just be on the floor or a table.

Send Your picture to :

Readers Pics!

Feel free to show off some of your retro hardware, or your dev machine... Here's some of the great hardware used by readers!

Want to publish your own book? Everything I used to create mine is FREE!
My book was published by Amazon KDP print on demand (It's free!).It was written with Libreoffice (Long Term Support ver) and the cover art was built with Scribus
Artwork in the book was designed with Blender and drawn with Krita, Screenshots were taken with Irfanview, and sourcecode was cut to size with The Castle Splitimage


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Risc-V Content
Learn Risc-V Assembly
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PDP-11 Content
Learn PDP-11 Assembly
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TMS9900 Content
Learn TMS9900 Assembly
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Ti 99

6809 Content
Learn 6809 Assembly
6809/6309 Cheatsheet
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Dragon 32/Tandy Coco
Fujitsu FM7
TRS-80 Coco 3

65816 Content
Learn 65816 Assembly
65816 Cheatsheet
DevTools kit
65816 Platforms

eZ80 Content
Learn eZ80 Assembly
eZ80 Downloads
eZ80 Cheatsheet
DevTools kit
eZ80 Platforms

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