Stereoscopic 3D B-Movie Action!


What could be worse than an invasion of bats during a Coronavirus* pandemic?
An invasion of Vampire bats during a Coronavirus pandemic!

Yama Town is up batshit creek without a prophylactic!… There’s swarms of bats flying everywhere biting people, and everyone is too busy washing their hands and social distancing to do anything about it.

Fortunately the Yuusha twins are passing through town… and they’ve got a ton of new weapons and itchy trigger fingers, just waiting for some vaguely justifiable excuse to unleash some serious violence!

Yes! The ChibiAkumas are back!… and in the style of every shitty series of endless sequels – this time they’re in 3D!

Grab your 3D glasses, polish up your mouse mat, and declare war on the unholy hoard of bats,pesky pathogens and Chibi pains-in-the-arse!

* The Coronavirus is TM & Copyright 2019 the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Used without permission.

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Weapons of war!

666 Shooter

I know what you’re thinking… did I exorcise 6 demons, or only 5?

Made from silver salvaged from ancient holy relics, the 666 shooter is ideal for spreading the word of God, one round at a time!

Like God’s compassion, the ammunition of the 666 shooter is infinite, so you can keep spreading the love of our lord to all you encounter… straight in the brain-stem of the heathen scum!

Pump action Stakegun

The old Stake and Hammer was adequate for Van Helsing, but the modern Vampire hunter is right to demand only the finest military grade hardware for undead prevention!

The Revelation 870 pump action Steakgun uses high-velocity fragmenting rounds, delivering a wide spread and high damage that will return even the toughest ghoul back to the grave!

UV laser pulse rifle

The latest in Anti-Vampire technology! The UV Laser uses chemical cartridges to deliver a high power 66 GW pulse of UV light!

Instantly Fatal to all but the toughest of evils, The UV-Pulse is also great for field Laser-eye surgery, or topping up your tan!

N-134 Chibigun

With It’s rotating barrel and belt fed mechanism provides constant high rate fire, The 134 a barrage of compressed holy-water pellets to exorcise even the most persistent of demonic beasts!

When you’re on a mission from God, and hoards of unholy evils are surrounding you, and even Jesus himself demands you show no mercy… grab the N-134 Chibigun and deliver an ass whupping of biblical proportions… The power of Christ compels you Mother Suckers!

Know your Enemy!

Basic Bat

A large easy target, the basic bat is a pain, but not too much hassle… don’t let them get to the front of the screen.

Gobbey bat

Smaller than the basic bat (so harder to hit), Gobbey will also take more hits to put down.

Chibiko Akuma

The vampire ruler herself it back again for a cameo (her SAG membership was about to expire!) Chibiko is as tough as old boots, and will sap your health fast!


Chibi-Corona’s like the house guest who over-stayed their welcome... Everyone wishes she’d get the hint and go away, but she just won’t go back to whatever Wet market/Virus research lab she came from!

Actually, she’s not even strong enough to finish off a morbidly obese orange 74 year old who eats hamburgers in bed… but don’t let her ‘viral load’ build up on you, or you’ll end up in a situation worse than a senior citizen under Cuomo's governance.

ChibiVision 3D: The Latest in Stereoscopic Technology!!!

Suck Hunt supports 3 kinds of 3D glasses, and 2D mode (for boring people and cyclopses). 3D depth can also be configured!

3D Disabled
Low 3D Depth
3D Depth
3D Depth
3D Depth

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