Chibiko's Invasion continues!

Chibi Akumas is coming to the ZX Spectrum!

Early Development work has begun on an ZX spectrum port of Chibi Akumas!

I'm targeting a release in 2018, and the game is planned to be released on floppy disk image

The game will require an 128K ZX Spectrum / +3

2017/10/06 Update:
I'm currently in the early stages of porting the Chibi Akumas games to the ZX spectrum

This will be my first spectrum game, so it will take quite a bit of time, and will be a lot of work for me, but I want to bring my games to a wider audience, so I'm considering it worth the effort.

At this stage, I'm researching and writing test code which will allow me to access the spectrum hardware, and transfer the code over.

For audio I'm using ArkosTracker, and I already have it working for the Spectrum!
I now have working Disk readers for TRD and DSK files
I have working Keyboard/Joystick reader code!
I have ported the CPC sprite code over, and upgraded it to support the spectrum color attributes, I'm also developing my own C# windows sprite editor which will convert and improve the CPC sprites and export them in a compatible format for the spectrum version - this will allow me to convert the game much faster!

The big challenge of the spectrum is that it has a fixed rom between #0000-#4000, this means the interrupt code the CPC used will not work, and RST6 is not available, also because of the screen position limits, I have a limited amount of accessible memory in the main game loop... effectively I have 32k of ram available to the game code during gameplay.
Fortunately the spectrum uses half the screen memory, but I want to port the CPC version's 128k sprites to the spectrum - I think it's doable, but it will need good planning to make it all work!

I hope people will follow and support my progress of bringing my game to the Spectrum!

As a teaser, here is the Chibi akumas Loading screen, ported to the spectrum!

I wrote Chibi Akumas in my spare time, if you like it, and you want me to keep making these games, please spread the word and tell others about my games!
  Chibi Akuma(s) uses the ArkosPlayer Music Tracker
Chibi Akuma(s) would not have been possible without the following community websites:,,,
The following software was used during Development:WinApe, ConvImgCpc,Krita,Blender

Warning!: This game is comedy fiction which contains graphic violence, bad language and religious themes which will be offensive to some people. the games rating is R-15, if you do not shows like "South Park" you will not enjoy this game
This game is not suitable for children - if you think a psychotic monster is a good role model for your kids I think you need to re-assess your parenting methods!
I do not condone or encourage any of actions portrayed in this game ! This is FICTION. if you cannot tell the difference between what is acceptable in a game and real life you should not be playing this - Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL!... I despair that I have to point this crap out, but it seems I do

Some of the images on this website have had their colour enhanced for artistic effect and to represent the intended appearance of the character, I do not want to mislead people as to the standard of my game, so these images are marked with a red cross
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