Chibiko is not having a good afterlife! Being killed by divine intervention, and banished from the underworld is all par for the course, but now a hoard of noisy, ugly, cliché, and badly drawn monsters are invading her land, and causing a ruckus in her castle! Chibiko is not the kind of vampire who takes this kind of thing lying down! Its time to "Rise from your grave", and use unholy magic to annihilate the monsters, and wipe out this invasion at its source!

Getting Started


On MSX2:
The game should Autostart, or type:

On MSX2 with V9990 GPU:
Don't let the game start with autoplay, then type:

Spectrum +3:
start the game with the disk loader, or type:

Spectrum TRD:
if the game doesn't autostart load by typing:
     RANDOMIZE USR 15619: REM : Run "Disk"


Chibi Akuma(s) is an arcade style scrolling shooter, it is designed to be played with a 2 or 3 button Joystick, as it uses two fire buttons for Left and Right.
The default keys depend on the system:
ZX Spectrum

Player 1UDLRKempson Joystick
 Fire LR M N
 S-Bomb B
Player 2 UDLR WSAD
 Fire LR Z X
 S-Bomb C
Pause  P

Player 1UDLRCursor Keys
 Fire LR I O
 S-Bomb Return
Player 2 UDLR WSAD
 Fire LR V B
 S-Bomb Space
Pause  P

Player 1UDLRJoystick
 Fire LR Fire 1/2
 S-Bomb Return
Player 2 UDLR WSAD
 Fire LR V B
 S-Bomb Space
Pause  P

The keys can be redefined on the main menu, so you can map any of these controls to any joystick button or key you like

Chibi Akuma(s) is a bullet hell shooter - it is designed to be impossibly hard to avoid getting hit, but you should have as many continues as you want - so the game can be played for the challenge of seeing how few continues you need, or idle amusement with unlimited continues
You can change the enemy fire speed, and number of continues from the settings page on the main menu

Controls, Highscores and other settings are saved in 'Settings.V01' on the first disk, if you have problems with the game, please try deleting this file as it may have become corrupt - the game will reset to defaults if the file is absent


hitzone Your characters hitzone is the small dot in the middle of the character, unless a bullet hits this small area you will not be hurt, by holding down fire, you will move slowly, and you can take advantage of this small hitzone to weave between fire. When you are hit, you will lose a life, and your character will be invincible for a few moments.
Life Powerup Your lives are represented by the icon in the top left of the screen, on the CPC plus it will be a 'heart' icon, on the normal CPC it will be a skull. You have three lives per continue, one is lost each time you hit a bullet,enemy or harmful background object
Smart-Bomb Scroll Your smartbombs are represented by scroll icons in the bottom left of the screen, you have 3 per continue, and they will kill all enemies and clear all bullets
Burst Mode Collect coins and earn 'burst mode'... Your Burst mode power is shown below your lives...
Press both fire buttons at the same time and fire diagonally if your burst power is less than 50, or all 8 directions if you're fully powered up!

The Curse Collection!

Chibiko can power up her Magic by collecting "Curse Cubes"... These are Black Magic Curses which have been sealed in a cube.
There are three kinds of Cube, each has a different effect:
Curse-Cube - Extra Power!Double PowerDoubles the damage your shots do to the Enemies - Max 1
Curse-Cube - DronePentagram DroneAdds a Pentagram drone which assists your fire - Max 2
Curse-Cube - SpeedupSpeed BoostIncreases the rate of your Magic blasts - Max 3

Gameplay Hints

Curse for Victory! try to ensure you get all the curse cubes in a level - with no power ups the end boss fight will be impossible - Use smart bombs, or take a hit to grab them! Remember: Curse cubes only last one level, so you will have to re-collect them when you Level Up!

Boss Blasting! Smartbombs do not damage Boss enemies - you can use them to clear away heavy enemy fire, or boss drones, but only regular blasting will hurt the boss - most Boss enemies will change in appearence when seriously hurt - the last boss has a life bar.

Conserve your Ammo! the game engine only allows 36 player shots on screen. with heavy powerups you may find you are unable to fire as much as you want - make sure you aim your fire to hit enemies, and make your hits count!

Know your limits! Your hitzone is the small red dot in the middle of you character - you move more slowly while holdi fire so weave around enemy fire - release fire to run away quickly... Also its worth noting your drones are invincible, sometimes you can use them to shoot an enemy just above or below, while you stay out the way!

Greed is power!Collect coins to get Burst power... 100 coins gives you 10 busrt... and get over 50 burst for 8-direction attack!.... you can use it to kill enemies that are ambushing you from above or below!

Gameplay Options

Continues Specify the number of continues you have

Game Difficulty There are 4 difficulty settings, 'Chibi Akuma' is the default... 'Hyper Akuma' is more similar to the gameplay in the first game

Use TotO Multiplay (CPC) Use TotO's multiplay Joystick adapter - allows for 2x 3 fire joysticks with no keyclash. If your L/R Fire buttons are backwards, you can use the 'swap LR' choice... for technical reasons settings apply when you start the next game.

2P Continue Mode in 2 player mode, you can either share the same count of continues - encouraging 'co-operative' play, or each have your own 'continue store' - so stealing all the powerups and leaving your sibling to die will be to your advantage!

Gameplay Mode Once you win the game, you can play in 4-direction mode, where you can shoot Up, Down, Left and Right!

PlusSprite Flicker (CPC) Flicker player sprites while firing to allow you to see the bullets around you for better weaving

RasterColor Flicker (CPC) Allows the use of 2 color palettes, which are alternated each 50hz refresh - this is used to simulate nicer colors not contained in the CPC palette

SmartBombs Select the number of Smartbombs you get with each continue

Know Your Enemy!

Did you know that all the enemies have a name? due to programming limitations, their names are not shown during the game, but you can see them all here!

Level 1 - Mountains

Chibi akumas enemy: AntAttackerAnt AttackerHuge Three-eyed spiny ant, it walks around blasting fire upwards
Chibi akumas enemy: SkeletonCrawlerSkeleton CrawlerLosing half its body, and being constantly legless doesn't slow this enemy down!
Chibi akumas enemy: BoniBurdBoni BurdWhat animal has Four arms, A skull and no body? - no idea, but it's called "BoniBurd", and I bet it's good at the piano!
Chibi akumas enemy: SkullGangSkull GangThere never seem to be any Skull duos - they always have to go around in 'gangs'... these mouthy cluster fly around spraying fire everywhere
Chibi akumas enemy: EyeclopseEyeclopsea strange creature with One Eye, and Two tenticles, it moves in a wave pattern firing bursts
Chibi akumas enemy: RockChickRock ChickWhat came first, the Rock or the Chick? who knows, but they seem to have combined, doesn't really move much, but it's amazing it flies at all!
Chibi akumas enemy: SpliceFaceSplice FaceApparently two faces are better than one, this is a tough enemy which blasts fire everywhere, and sneaks up from behind!

Level 2 - Forest

Chibi akumas enemy: BiterFlyBiterflyIts not clear what happened to this Butterfly, but it's grown a big mouth and looks likely to use it!
Chibi akumas enemy: GnatPackGnat PackA cluster of Mosquitos! don't they know there's only room for one bloodsucker in this forest?
Chibi akumas enemy: KamisagiKamisagi
Any resemblence to the Monty Python killer rabbit with big pointy teeth is coincidence... this is a different Killer Rabbit, with totally unrelated Pointy Teeth!
Chibi akumas enemy: MukadebachiMukadebachiA cross between a Mukade centipede, and a Suzumebachi wasp - it's huge, spreys fire everywhere, and killing one segment won't stop it!
Chibi akumas enemy: ShroomBomberShroomBomberA flying bug infected with Entomopathogenic fungus, Its high! on mushrooms! and out to cause trouble
Chibi akumas enemy: ZombieCapybaraZombie CapybaraEven the adorable Capybara has been turned in to a Brain Munching deranged monster by the recent Zombie Outbreak!
Chibi akumas enemy: ZombieSalarymanZombie SalarymanThis Zombified businessman roams the land with an insatiable appetite... for making dubious expenses claims!

Level 3 - River

Chibi akumas enemy: FishBoneFish-BoneNo wishes to be had here - it's not clear why the head has been preserved, but the tail has rotted away
Chibi akumas enemy: BubbleBubbleWhat on earth is in the water to have bubbles rising like this? Comes in 2 sizes!
Chibi akumas enemy: FishFaceFishFaceI'm not sure if this fish has two faces, or the second one is something it swallowed - either way it's creepy!
Chibi akumas enemy: LiliFrogLiliFrogThis frog sits around all day, causing hassle to everyone who goes past
Chibi akumas enemy: PairanahPairanahTwo mouths are better than one! as if one paranah wasn't bad enough!
Chibi akumas enemy: MinerFishMinerFishIt's big and round and looks like a Sea mine - may be it has a complex about its body shape, cos it's real angry!
Chibi akumas enemy: SpitFishSpitFishThis fish has no mannars! it spits all the time!
Chibi akumas enemy: TentitackTentitackA Tenticle covered Jellyfish like creature that's always on the attack!
Chibi akumas enemy: SuperFishSuperFishIs it a bird? Is it a plane, is it a Laptop Virus? Yes - it's Super Fish!
Chibi akumas enemy: StarfishBomberStarfishBomberA star filled nights sky is one thing, but a Starfish filled sky?

Level 4 - Dark Caves
Note: Many enemies on this level emit light

Chibi akumas enemy: DekaWooReiDekaWooRei
This has to be different enough from the smari0 enemy to be legally safe doesn't it?
Chibi akumas enemy: GhostManGhostManLooks like the lovechild of the characters of a certain classic arcade game!
Chibi akumas enemy: BlobberBlobberThese blobs of god-knows-what lurk around the top and bottom of the screen, and are very hard to see!
Chibi akumas enemy: WhiteSpiritWhiteSpiritA mildly troublesome ghost, but there are worse!
Chibi akumas enemy: DarkSpiritDarkSpirit.pngThe white spirits big brother, stronger, harder to see, and it won't go away!
Chibi akumas enemy: KabiKamiKabiKami
The God of Mold! This is the creature that causes all the mold to grow on things!
Chibi akumas enemy: FlamerFlamerGlows Red... Who knows, maybe you'll prefer to put up with it than be in the dark?
Chibi akumas enemy: FireFlyFire! Fly!This bug has a two track mind! It also glows green
Chibi akumas enemy: LumipedeLumipedeA green glowing bug, it has two parts, and you'll have to kill both!
Chibi akumas enemy: JellyFishyJellyFishyWhats a waterfall full of Jellyfish doing in a cave? why glowing Blue of course!

Now You Know!
... And knowing is half the battle!


Chibi Akuma(s) is fiction, the content contained in this game have no relation to real persons or events, I do not endorse or condone any of the actions contained within this game. The game contains religous themes an imagery, this was done for character and plot developmnent not for the purpose of offending anyone.
This game should not be played by children, or those who have trouble separating what is acceptable in a game and real life.

Chibi Akumas - MSX
Chibi Akumas Level 3 Boss on MSX

Chibi Akumas Level 4 Boss battle on Amstrad CPC+
Chibi Akumas Level 4 Boss battle on Amstrad CPC+

Continue screen on ZX Spectrum
Continue screen on ZX Spectrum

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Buy my Assembly programming book
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Buy my Assembly programming book

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Buy my Assembly programming book
on Amazon in Print or Kindle!

Buy my Assembly programming book

Available worldwide!
Search 'ChibiAkumas' on
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