Grime 6502 - porting a z80 game for 9 different 6502 Systems in 7 Days!

Grime is an old DOS game I used to have on my PC XT... it was a simple little text game, that was a lot of fun!

Grime was written by Mark Elendt... as far as I remember I got it from an old magazine coverdisk...

currently Grime is 'abandonware'... no one seems to really remember it, and it's trickyto get working on a modern pc, as it runs too fast!!.. you can get the orignal here

At the start of July 2018, I started a 7 day programming project to recreate 'Grime' as a Z80 based game... I chose it because it's fun and simple, and this gave me a good opportinity... I wasn't just going to remake Grime... I was going to make it work on 11 different systems!

I remade grime as  'Grime Z80' which uses one piece of logic code that plays on 11 different Z80 systems... namely: Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum,MSX1, MSX2, Enterprise, Sam Coupe, TI-83 calculator, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Sega Mastersystem and Sega Gamegear!

But why stop there... I now had a simple game 'template' which could be extended for something new... why just limit it to the Z80? so in December 2018 I started the project again... this time as Grime 6502

Now the game, source and videos are available to all, so what are you waiting for... download Grime6502 now, and check it out!

Download Grime 6502

Grime 6502 was a quick programming experiment, not a commercial quality game, it has NOT been tested on real hadware, and may not work.
It was produced as an educational challenge during my week off, and I do not intend to spend any more time on it... if it does not work on your hardware, you can concider it 'homework' to fix the bugs!

Watch the Grime Z80 videos!
0. The 14 days of Grime-Mass
1. Grime 6502 - Episode 1 : Starting With Tiles!
2. Grime 6502 - Episode 2 : Taking the TileMap to Full Power!!!
3. Grime 6502 - Episode 3 : The Player and the Joystick!
4. Grime 6502 - Episode 4 : Time for GRIME!
5. Grime 6502 - Episode 5 : Fully Functional!
6. Grime 6502 - Episode 6 : Snes DMA, NES NMI... and Apple II has nice sprites!
7. Grime 6502 - Episode 7 : Mission Complete!
8. Grime 6502 - Completed project code summary

Grime 6502... on (almost) every 6502 system you could imagine!

PC Engine Super Nintendo Atari 5200 & 800 Apple II
BBC Micro B Nintendo NES/Famicom Vic 20 Commodore 64
Atari Lynx

The Grime is spreading... Grime 6502 is underway now!

A 6502 port of Grime Z80... coming to the: C64, Vic20, Atari 5200/800, Atari Lynx, Pc Engine, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo,Apple II , BBC Micro B

Check out the progress of Grime 6502 on my Youtube Channel!


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