Z80 Assembly programming for the TI-83

The TI-83 is a bit of an oddity... with a full blown Z80 and large keyboard, it's a great little handheld - but with it's slow screen refresh it's not exactly what you'll want to program games on!

Still, as one of the longest running z80 platforms, it deserves a lot of respect!
Cpu 6mhz Z80
Ram 32k
Resolution 96x64 2 color
Sound chip NONE!
Chibiakumas Tutorials:

Lesson H7- Hello World on the TI-83
Lesson P1 - Basic Firmware Text functions

Lesson P5 - Bitmap graphics on the TI-83 and MSX

Lesson P7 - Keyreading on the MSX, Enterprise and TI-83


If you want to convert a binary to a valid program you can run on your TI, you need to convert it to an 8xp file.

We can use bin28xp to do this, I did not write it, however there was a bug in the original which meant it corrupted larger files, you can get my modified version here


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